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Pleasure-boosting bonbons πŸ’

Pleasure-boosting bonbons πŸ’

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With a mixture of caffeine, cocoa, L-Tyrosine and Maca extract, these chocolates have been designed to awaken sexual desire, sharpen your senses and enhance the pleasure of your nights as a couple.

Instructions for Use : Bite half of a chocolate and share the other half with your partner 15-30 minutes before intimacy... The effect could last up to 2 hours!

πŸ’₯ Perceptible effects in less than 15 minutes

πŸ’ Promotes intense sensations in men and women

πŸ‘οΈ Enhance all your senses

πŸ”Š Sound explosions on your tongue

🌿 Natural and safe ingredients. EU health registry

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Common questions

Do the chocolates have any medications or illegal substances?

The chocolates do not contain any medicine or illicit substance.

It contains only natural plant extracts and amino acids present in foods that we consume on a daily basis.

You can consult the complete information here: ingredients

Do they really work or is it just placebo?

The chocolates contain natural ingredients tested in clinical trials to improve sexual desire, energy, concentration, performance under stress and improve blood flow.

We also have a study carried out with the smart vibrator where the hottie tripled the duration of the female orgasm.

Do they have any contraindications or side effects?

The chocolates have no contraindications or side effects when consumed in the recommended dose.

Chocolates contain caffeine, so their use is not recommended for people under 16 years of age or pregnant women.

How long do the effects last?

The effects of the chocolate begin to be felt 10-15 minutes after consumption and can last up to 2 hours.

What is the best time to take it?

It is recommended to take the chocolate during the preliminaries, 15-30 minutes before the main sexual activity.

Does anything happen if I take it with alcohol?

The ingredients in the chocolate have no negative interaction with alcohol or tobacco.

How should I take the chocolate?

1. Bite the chocolate in half and give the other half to your partner.

2. Savor it slowly to experience the explosions of the petazetas.

3. From here you know how to continue. Enjoy :)

What happens if I take more than half a chocolate?

The negative effects of taking a whole chocolate are low, however we do not recommend taking more than half a chocolate per person per occasion.

When exceeding the recommended amount, some people may experience agitation or insomnia due to the caffeine content.


Caffeine: Present in cocoa and coffee, it provides mild energy, improves mood and vitality, ideal for intimate moments.

Cocoa: Full of compounds that activate pleasure, stimulates the feeling of well-being and creates an environment conducive to sexual satisfaction.

L-Tyrosine: Naturally present in meat and eggs. Reduces anxiety, improves concentration and mood. Less stress and more focus mean more pleasure.

Maca Extract 1:10: Natural aphrodisiac that increases desire and improves sexual function, providing extra energy.

Our chocolates are not intended to solve health problems.

Suitable for ages 16 and up. Consumption is not recommended for pregnant women

Each box has 4 chocolates, which is equivalent to 4 couple experiences